Cincinnati, OH (Aug. 23, 2021) – Home Helpers Home Care, a leader in the burgeoning in-home care industry serving more than 1,000 communities across the United States, is taking steps to widen its role in the healthcare continuum through the launch of its most comprehensive care plan, Cared-4.

Backed by two years of research and development, Cared-4 aims to reduce preventable readmissions and hospitalizations of its clients through collaborative, comprehensive care. Home Helpers Home Care identified the risk factors of hospitalizations and readmissions. Addressing those factors head-on, the in-home care agency developed Cared-4, a comprehensive care plan that ensures patients receive the necessary support to adhere to care plans, and receive proper nutrition, monitoring, wellness checks, personal care and companionship.

“We’ve always cared for our clients like family, and now we’re raising the bar,” Home Helpers Home Care CEO Emma Dickison said. “Our work that resulted in Cared-4 has been in development for years, but the pandemic highlighted with pointed clarity that our healthcare systems are connected. In-home care is part of the healthcare continuum. We’re reimagining the role in-home care plays so that our clients, especially patients who have been discharged, can see better outcomes.”

According to the American Geriatric Society, 62% of all hospital readmissions for seniors were preventable. The top four risks for senior readmissions are falling, medication adherence, nutrition/dehydration and patient discharge compliance, according to the National Institute of Healthcare Compliance. Home Helpers Cared-4 addresses those risk factors for hospitalization and readmissions.

“Readmissions unfortunately occur all too often with patients 65 and up, even when the initial emergency department visit was for something relatively minor,” said Cynthia Gill, nurse practitioner of Mills Peninsula Medical Center who participated in the Cared-4 pilot program. “We talk with patients and family members about thoroughly following discharge and medication instructions. Patients who have a highly-trained and well-informed support system in place, like what I’ve seen with the Home Helpers Cared-4 program, means stricter adherence to the care plan and a likely better outcome for the patient.”

In addition to the aim to reduce the risk of preventable hospitalizations, Cared-4 addresses the major factors that affect the independence of seniors wishing to continue living in the comfort of their own homes.

Specifically, Home Helpers Cared-4 includes four pillars of care:

1. Personal Care and Companionship– Assistance with the basic activities of daily living like hygiene, mobility, errands and light housekeeping. Caregivers prepare the home prior to the client’s discharge, pick up prescriptions, provide transportation to and from appointments and assist with telehealth calls. In addition, trained Caregivers develop consistent relationships with clients through stories, outings, games and other companion activities.

2. Nutrition and Well-being– Assistance with nutrition planning, grocery shopping, prepared meals, hydration, physical activity, exercising cognitive skills and staying connected to family and friends.

3. Safety and 24-Hour Monitoring – Effective monitoring services and medical alert systems that provide one-touch access to a care team and ensure safety around the clock.

4. Wellness Calls – Scheduled calls that ensures the client is well or is reminded to drink and eat, take medication, go to a doctor’s appointment or exercise with the friendliness and care to be expected from family.

“Our in-home Caregivers provide essential medical and supportive services to seniors who want to stay independent at home,” said Mitch Williams, a Home Helpers Home Care franchisee who participated in the Cared-4 pilot program. “We help clients regain independence, maintain their level of function and help slow decline, and I’m grateful to offer this level of care in my San Mateo community.”

While Home Helpers Home Care conducted a pilot program in 21 markets, which yielded positive feedback across discharge planners, geriatric care managers and continuing care community directors, the in-home care agency now offers Cared-4 across more than 1,000 communities nationwide.

“When we examine the threads connecting all our healthcare systems, it’s clear that in-home care can positively influence hospitals and healthcare practices nationwide,” Dickison said. “We can reduce the number of preventable hospitalizations and readmissions through more comprehensive care. Home Helpers Home Care is evolving the in-home care industry and our critical role in the healthcare ecosystem.”

For more information, visit Home Helpers Cared-4.

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