Partners in the Process

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In partnership with founder or entrepreneur-owned healthcare businesses, RiverGlade strives to professionalize, accelerate value creation and transform organizations into highly attractive strategic assets.

RiverGlade’s founders have invested together for more than two decades building great healthcare companies. We have a proven track record of partnering with founders and management teams to cultivate a cohesive, collaborative and nimble culture. This has led to a disciplined and repeatable approach of combining our healthcare investing and operating experience to grow exceptional companies.

Our Proven Approach

Target Investment Attributes

  • Founder-owned healthcare businesses
  • Proven organic growth
  • Multiple value creation levers
  • Culture of compliance and clinical excellence
  • Differentiated service offering
  • Meaningful founder rollover
  • Strong reputation
  • High growth market opportunity
  • Platform investments with $3M+ EBITDA; add-ons of any size
  • $20-$100M equity checks

Healthcare Business Models